Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland


Previously held in London, the critically acclaimed Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland (JEMP) festival heads to Istanbul for its first ever edition abroad this October as part of the 2014 cultural programme celebrating 600 years of Polish-Turkish diplomatic relations. Taking place at various venues across the city, including Salon IKSV, and the popular Arkaoda, the festival will showcase an eclectic mix of free jazz, electroacoustic improvisation, deconstructed classical ottoman music and other experimental styles. In addition to concerts, there will be residencies, installations and sound art projects, all involving cross-border partnerships.

In an exciting departure from the first three editions of JEMP, this year’s programme consists exclusively of specially commissioned collaborations between Polish and Turkish musicians or artists.

Opening the festival at Arcaoda is Piotr Kurek jointed by Ekin Fil. The double bill continues with Stara Rzeka.  At the Salon IKSV eminent local musicians such as Umut Çaglar and Korhan Futaci from KonstruKt - Turkey’s pioneering free improvisation band will work with artists like Rafal Mazur and Dominik Strycharski. Other highlights not to be missed include: the contemporary music ensemble Kwartludium who will be “deconstructing” Polish-ottoman musician Wojciech Bobkowski’s (known as Ali Ufki) works, and The Sound of The Fury – series of performances by Konrad Smolenski and Zorka Wollny which explore the theme of fury and anger through a combination of live performances and visual art. Coming to a memorable close Krzysztof Topolski joined by Hubert Zemler and Kacper Ziemienin will work on the Drum Channels project involving research, field recording sessions and performances in collaboration with local cymbal making workshops.

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